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Current Europe GmbH is a company based in Duesseldorf in Germany with parent company in Yokohama, Japan. The export of car spare parts German or European manufacturers to Japan is one of our main business. Since our company was founded, we have been able to establish long-term relationships with various well-known manufacturers and suppliers and expand them continuously. In addition to the export company, we also import replacement and tuning parts from Japanese manufacturers to Germany as well as European countries.


The main business  of Current Europe GmbH is the export of spare parts of European manufacturers to Japan. In addition, parts and occasionally vehicles from Japan are also imported to Germany or other European countries. Our main services are following:

EXPORT - Genuine Spare Parts -

For the most part, we export branded spare parts from selected reputable manufacturers from Germany and other European countries such as Denmark, Italy or Spain.


To fulfill customer's needs, we would like to offer genuine spare parts for German and European cars, espacially for classic cars.

EXPORT - Aftermarket Spare Parts -

We can also order excellent quality spare parts from suppliers in Europe which are supplying OEM to automobile manufacturers. OEM products, Aftermarket items, rebuilt items are also available.

Original brand "CRT" BRAKES

Since the beginning of 2017, our parent company has its own brand of brake parts - CRT Brakes. In Japan, the sale of brake pads has already started successfully.



Writing and also translating of various articles of the European automotive industry in Japanese

Sales Examples

we would like to introduce some of sales examples

VOLVO Genuine parts

Requests from domestic parts suppliers.
We offered a lot of VOLVO genuine parts.

Mercedes-Benz W201 Front Glass

In Japan this part was no longer available and it was hard to find the spare parts with blue lines on the upper.
We tried to use our network in Europe and we were able to offer the front glass.

Ferrari F430 ECU

Customer wanted only one side, but from domestic dealers he could purchase only right and left sets.
Using our network, we were able to procure only one side, we also offered it less than half price of genuine regular price.

Porsche CaymanS Cylinder Headvolt

Request from a customer who planed to do Engine O / H.
Only the head bolt was no longer availabe in Japan that is why he was not able to do O/H. We got a genuine head bolt in Germany and could offer it.

Mercedes-Benz W126 Genuine Muffler

This genuine muffler was no longer available in Japan and no chance to get it.
Aftermarket parts was available but we procured genuine one to fulfil customer's request.

Porsche Cayenne Steering

We ordered an option steering for first generation model of Porsche Cayenne 958 from the United States. We offer optional parts, as well as exterior parts including mufflers.


If you like MINI, maybe you are also interested in JCW?

We ordered JCW original rear wing from the United States, which was no longer available in Japan.

The customer was so impressed that made us also happy.

It is possible to order various spare parts not only from Germany as well as within Europe, also from the USA.



Current Europe GmbH was founded in June 2014 in Duesseldorf.
A large part of our business is supplying Genuine & OEM parts for European cars, sourced directly from the manufacturers or from
our network of many suppliers we can usually ship to Japan and also international.

The managing director is Mr Daisuke Egashira, who is also CEO of the parent company based in the port city of Yokohama, Japan.


  • Car parts procurement in Europe for export to maily Japan and also many other countries
  • Import of car parts from Japan to Germany and Europe (original, OEM, tuning parts)
  • Import of original products of brake pads (CRT Brakes)
  • Trade in sports cars of European manufacturers
  • Writing or translating of articles of the European automotive industry in Japanese


06.2014:  Foundation of Current Europe GmbH in Duesseldorf
05.2015:  Relocation of the company: Monschauer Str. 12, 40549 Duesseldorf
10.2016: Company relocation: Am Zollhafen 13, 41460 Neuss
 05.2018:  Relocation of the company: Graf-Adolf-Straße 41, 20210 Duesseldorf



Current Europe GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Current Motor Corporation in Yokohama, Japan.
Detailed information about Current Motor Corporation can be found on the website or in the following PDF presentation.
Current Motor Corporation Website (Japanese)

Current Motor Corporation (English) PDF
Brochure with detailed information about the parent company in Japan.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 5.4 MB

  Current Europe GmbH

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